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Support Services

Attend professionally facilitated support groups and counseling sessions for individuals, family members, friends and caregivers in a caring, uplifting and supportive community.

Educational Programs

Explore educational presentations about cancer led by doctors, nurses, researchers and other professionals.

Cooking for Wellness

Learn about healthy cooking from wellness chefs and dietitians who demonstrate nutritious meal choices. Recipes and menu tastings are included.

Exercise and Movement

Join us for exercise programs that promote healthy survivorship; studies show that regular exercise can help cancer survivors feel better and improve strength, balance and fatigue.

Stress Management

Tap into a variety of resources and practices to reduce stress, promote well-being and maintain a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit.

Youth and Family

Engage in activities designed for youth, teens and families to share experiences while building strength and support for the family.

Social Connections

Being a part of social networks can help survivors recover and adjust to life after treatment. Enjoy fun activities with others that can help improve quality of life.

Art and Creativity

Join us for art, writing and creative programs designed for adults, families and children of any skill level to express themselves and their experiences.

Learn what Cancer Support Community Central Ohio is all about.

Jeanne draws on her family’s journey to help children cope with cancer.

Thank you for supporting those who give generously to CSC.