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Cancer Support Community

Cancer Support Community Central Ohio helps all those affected by cancer directly or indirectly - caregivers, co-workers, friends, family.

The power of community: fighting Breast Cancer in Central Ohio

4 min read

The Battle Against Breast Cancer: The Power of Community Support

In the realm of healthcare and medical journeys, none might be more personal and challenging than a diagnosis of breast cancer. It's a life-altering situation that ushers in a storm of emotional, physical, and psychological changes. At the Cancer...

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Cooking for Wellness Cancer Support

3 min read

Cooking for Wellness: A Guide for Cancer Patients

When navigating the complex journey of a cancer diagnosis, wellness often seems like an elusive concept. However, focusing on good nutrition and...

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Peripheral Neuropathy and cancer treatments: Understanding the connection Cancer Support Community Columbus OH

2 min read

Peripheral Neuropathy and Cancer Treatments: Understand the Connection

What is peripheral neuropathy? Peripheral neuropathy is a common side effect of cancer and its treatments, affecting many patients during and after...

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