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Written by: Jessica Burrey, Logan’s mother

Two days before his first birthday in 2018, Logan was diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma grade 3, a brain tumor.

Q: What is one thing you wish the world knew about your cancer journey with Logan? 

This type of tumor is relentless and while we are so incredibly thankful that Logan is doing so well, the fear and worry will never go away. Recurrences happen even years after initial diagnosis and the stress of that fear is very tough on our family.

Logan is amazing and has worked so hard to get strong and overcome so much. God made him stubborn and strong willed because He knew Logan was going to face this. Due to the tumor and surgery, Logan has balance, strength, and gross motor difficulties. He wore a hearing aid for 8 months due to a moderate to severe hearing loss. That has improved as well, and he no longer wears it.

Q: What did other people do for you and your family that made a difference?

Our friends provided food for our family, so we didn’t have to worry about that. They also helped watch our older son, who was 5 at the time. In addition, friends provided gift cards to help with travel expenses, thoughtful texts and messages that I could read late at night when I couldn’t sleep, toys for the boys so they had different things to play with at the hospital and at the apartment when Logan was in treatment.

Q: What gave you strength during your journey?

First and foremost, faith. Support from friends and family, visits at the hospital from friends and family, encouraging notes and letters from others.

Q: Is there a program or service at Cancer Support Community that has helped your family?

The support group for cancer moms helps me a lot. Being around other mothers who are going through the same thing, I know I’m not alone on this journey. The boys love the activities in the kids’ group, Kids Korner. There was a cooking class where they made funny face pizzas and an art class, too. They had fun with the other kids.

Q: Where are you now in your journey with Cancer?

Logan now gets scans every 4 months on his brain. His spine is scanned every year to make sure the tumor hasn’t metastasized to his spine. He receives weekly physical therapy to work on deficits caused by the tumor and life-saving surgery and radiation.

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