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Local Support Stories

Read more about the cancer journey's of some of our participants. 

community support (20)

3 min read

Overcoming Stage IV Cervical Cancer: Debra's Inspirational Journey

Debra's incredible journey of overcoming Stage IV cervical cancer through Qigong practice and her work with Cancer Support Community Central Ohio.

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Portia looking happy

1 min read

Community Gives Day: Portia’s Story

Portia was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2019. She credits regular mammograms for early detection. After her diagnosis, Portia had surgery...

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Dave and Kathie enjoying company

3 min read

There Is Strength To Be Found In Sharing The Journey

Dr. David Houchens spent 35 years in preclinical and clinical cancer research in a variety of cancer types. He directed laboratory studies and...

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