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Local Support Stories

Read more about the cancer journey's of some of our participants. 

Community Staff (3)

Board member Tom

2 min read

All of Us, by Tom Thon

I have been a resident of Columbus for over 35 years. My business career has been in media, primarily managing radio stations. As radio stations are...

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2 min read

My Cancer Journey: Scotch, Wigs and Board Service, by Susan Haller

I first discovered my own “breast cancer suspicion” stepping out of a shower in Stamford, Connecticut, in the spring of 1995. After noticing some...

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Nancy showing her art of her dog and showing her dog to a local newsman.

3 min read

Meet Nancy

The following is an interview a member of our staff conducted with participant Nancy Fritz! We’re excited to share her story and hope she inspires...

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